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About Us

We make a difference helping AI companies breakthrough to the next level of growth

The iconic Boab, also called the bottle tree or tree of life, is incredibly resilient, capable of living for over 1,000 years.


In inhospitable climates the Boab can also be a life saver for other species, with its trunk, or caudex, able to hold up to 1,000 litres of water.


Boab AI, is a scaleup investment program based in Melbourne, investing in Victorian and international AI companies ready to expand globally.


Our mission is to connect an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, government organisations, universities / research institutes, corporations / industry groups and investors working to grow AI opportunities in Victoria and around the world.


Boab is backed by Artesian Venture Partners, Australia's largest and most active early stage VC firm.


Boab offers an investment of $300,000 capital and best-in-class support services for company selected to participate in the scaleup program, with potential follow on investments of up to $5,000,000.

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Our Principles

Additive not subtractive. Add value at all times but get out of the way when necessary. Program items not adding value are cut.


Boab is focused on hiring the right talent as contractors to provide direct assistance into a business to achieve a set goal.

Direct assistance

Boab works alongside founders with their permission. Founders have control of the direction and pace of the program.


Boab's motto is to provide 'overwhelming value', fixing the gaps in companies to help breakthrough to the next stage of growth.

Overwhelming value

Our Team

Matthew Clunies-Ross


Rohan Gray

AI Portfolio Manager

Roslyn Hames


Kaushalya Gunatilaka

Head of Partnerships and Community

Dilshi Welaratne

Graduate Associate

Tim Heasley


Andrew Lai

Managing Director

Dr Catriona Wallace

Executive Chair

Vicky Lay

Impact Director

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