Boab's mission is to build a world class artificial intelligence hub in Victoria, Australia.


To be successful it is important to attract the best AI founders and scaleups and also to build a highly connected, innovation ecosystem.

Boab will partner collaboratively with government organisations, corporations and industry groups, universities and research institutes, and investors.


Boab will provide its partners with access to strategic & financial returns, as well as data, research and advisory services.


As AI technology rapidly evolves, it is increasingly difficult for organisations to stay current with the latest technologies and ventures

Boab AI is a hub for organisations to engage with emerging AI technologies & ventures, add value and seek partnerships and/or investments where they make sense. 

Boab, supported by Artesian, can:

  • help service the increasingly complex needs of organisations dealing with the financial and strategic challenges and opportunities presented by artificial intelligence, the transformative technology of our generation, and the thousands of potentially disruptive AI startups and scaleups working on inventing the future.

  • provide organisations access to transformational startups and scaleups, delivering distributed research and development, financial and strategic returns, collaborative partnerships, co-investment opportunities and a pre-screened and de-risked M&A pipeline.


VALUE PROPOSITION - Corporations, Industry Groups

THE Boab AI hub welcomes Corporations, Industry Groups and other Investors looking to actively participate in the AI innovation ecosystem.


BOAB HELPS THESE ORGANISATIONS  ACCESS strategic and financial BENEFITS including:

  • Engage with AI scaleups  to gain strategic insights into AI technologies & business models, opportunities & challenges 

  • Mentor and advise founders on industry problems

  • Scout for strategic & financial partnerships with high-growth ventures with cutting-edge technology

  • Connect staff, clients and partners with scaleup founders and talent, meet and collaborate with other AI innovation ecosystem participants​

  • Support the local AI ecosystem in its infancy and help transform Victoria, and Australia, into a leading centre for AI innovation - creating jobs and economic value




To access distributed R&D, from the broad AI innovation ecosystem a collaborative & scalable approach is required



Globally there are thousands of ventures working on AI related innovation. Scouting for the optimal opportunities requires global resources & networks




Due to the volume of AI ventures to be assessed, scouting processes must be  highly scalable to filter the best opportunities from the firehose of possibilities




By partnering with Boab, and Artesian, investors can gain access to a qualified, pre-screened and de-risked pipeline of later-stage co-investment opportunities



Boab AI OFFERS a range of benefits to universities & research institutes.  


IN Particular, assistance in the translation and commercialisation phases Of AI technology & research.


Additional benefits include: 

  • Capital deployment to assist with the translation and commercialisation of research 

  • Programs to assist researchers to optimise progress of the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of their projects 

  • Structuring pipeline of commercial entities to provide a sustainable Category 2-4 funding source for research activities

  • Stimulation of innovative culture for administrators, researchers and students to enact cultural change

  • Focus on commercial spin-off companies from an early stage

  • Enhance marketing and publicity for internal venture programs

  • Link students with AI job opportunities in high growth ventures

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Navigating the 

‘Valley of death’ 

  • Often, as projects emerge from research institutes and begin proving the technology in market, there is a critical time period where they must fill negative cash flow with revenues or receive venture investment - 90% of new ventures that don't attract investors fail within their first 3 years. 

  • Boab AI helps nascent AI spin-off ventures by providing much needed capital, potentially leading a wider investment round, and providing the management team with a structured program to take the research project to commercial success. 


Artesian can deliver additional; bespoke services dependent upon the

scope and requirements of the Venture Capital as a Service (VCaaS) client 

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