2021 Applications now open

As of the 5th of March 2021 we have open applications for the next intake of Boab AI companies.  Applications are assessed on a rolling basis, apply early to begin the process.

Boab delivers a 6-month, world class, scaleup program designed to help the founders and management teams, of artificial intelligence startups. Scaleups are placed at the centre of a supportive ecosystem of partners and investors, who can provide direct hands-on assistance.


The program is specifically tailored for AI companies with existing revenue and traction, recognising that each company faces a unique set of challenges.  


Accordingly, each team selected for Boab, is provided a bespoke program to help problem solve and unlock the next stage of significant company growth.


Boab understands - founders' time is precious. The program is designed so as not to waste time on innovation theatre or templated class work.

Boab provides a range of practical, hands-on, strategic and financial support:

1. Deep Dive: The program begins with a deep dive examining and assessing each facet of the business. 

2. Bespoke Program: Performance metrics are set, and an agreed program schedule is tailored for the individual needs of the company.   


3. Operational Support: Boab provides direct assistance where possible.  For example, should a portfolio company need assistance creating a robust financial model, Boab will assign a consultant to build that model. Or, if a company requires AI 

architecture optimisation, Boab will find the appropriate partner to provide hands on assistance. 

4. Financial Support: Boab provides access to financial expertise - help leading a funding round, introductions to strategic investors, or reviewing and professionalising investment documents.  Boab leverages Artesian's expertise and networks to help 

scaleups breakthrough to a new stage of growth. 

5. Other: Boab offers a variety of support services as outlined in the ‘Program Benefits’ section below. 

As a venture capital investment program, Boab  seeks to help artificial intelligence scaleups to breakthrough to the next level. 


  • At a high level, our program goal is to achieve 3x valuation or revenue growth. 

  • This is achieved not only through capital investment and fundraising support, but also the variety of program services detailed below. 

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Capital Investment:

Capital investment of net $300,000 AUD in exchange for company equity based on an individual valuation for each team. 

Direct Assistance:

Boab and expert consultants provide direct finance, marketing, PR, investment, sales, technical and infrastructure assistance to company. 


Leading investment rounds, referrals and recommendations, an international network of investors, and detailed investment advisory services to increase investability and meet professional standards. 


Facilitated introductions and workshop sessions with top corporate, government and institutional partners. 

Coaches & Mentors:

Matching teams with entrepreneurs who have achieved successful exits, VCs and regular coaching staff to develop founder capability over the course of the program and beyond. 


Auditing and helping portfolio teams to be ready for subsequent financial due diligence and deal structuring. 

Investment Tour:

Travel as part of an AI trade delegation to major Asia Pacific centres.  This will include access to large events showcasing portfolio teams and meetings with executives from large corporates for partnership and investment opportunities. 

Talent Support:

As Boab builds the AI ecosystem, it is in a position to help portfolio founders identify and employ talent.  Boab can assist founders with advice on team management and HR best practices. 

PR, Brand & Media:

Access to PR experts who are able to assist with crafting and publicising a venture's story.  Additionally, as a central hub for the ecosystem, Boab can directly refer companies to brand and media opportunities. 

Follow-On Funding:

Teams that have been through the program, and meet eligibility requirements, may be offered follow-on funding from Artesian of up to $5M.  Boab will continue to help scaleup companies grow. 


We are assessing applications on a rolling basis, so the sooner you apply the better your chances. 


See the FAQ for further information